Manager Message

Manager Message

We extend a very hearty welcome to you parent who, has shown interest in CRS Senior Secondary School.

Our institution help children tap into their hidden potential by exposing them to diverse opportunities.

Children are trained to learn by doing new things, taking up challenges, trying out new ideas, taking failure and success in their stride with all their energies focussed on honest and purposeful efforts.

We wish every student to achieve success and goodwill in life .

In a world tort by conflicts and differences we must try to unlock new ways of viewing problems and open doors to a new world of potential solutions.

I trust that it is the sacred task of the institution to mould the character of the youth and to provide them atmosphere of truthfulness and care. In the quest for knowledge, students are provided with ample opportunities to develop their talents and sense of duty.

Each passing year is a learning experience; it is an endless journey which opens up new ideas of development, where there is neither scope nor room for disharmony, hatred, enmity or complacency. Hence we must rise above to make the world a better.

I think all children are equal whether, they are rich or poor, Hindu or Muslim, high or low, education for all whether , they can afford it or not.

I am committed to the cause of education.

Harish Choudhary Manager Vinit Choudhary Manager